Properly Measuring Bust Size
Properly Measuring Bust Size.

Most women do not know how to measure bust size properly and almost always wind up with a bra that doesn’t fit well or is not comfortable at all. Buying the right bra for style and comfort is certainly a great start but knowing what size to buy is the critical task.

As you may already know, it can take a long time to measure your bust size at the store and even longer when your trying on half of the shop.

These steps for measuring bust size properly should be done without any clothes on for more accurate readings.

Learn how to measure bust size properly following these simple steps.

  1. Remove your existing bra. Always measure bust size without a bra on for accurate measurements.
  2. Wrap the tape measure around your body and just under your breasts. Try to keep your arms down by your sides as much as possible. You need to make sure the tape measure is horizontal around the body and not drooping anywhere.
  3. Pull the tape measure lightly but snug and take a measurement. This measurement is your true bust size but for a properly fitting bra you’ll need to round the measurement to the next highest number. Example: if you measure and your bust is 32.6″ round up to 33″.
  4. Next bring the tape measure up a bit so that it is higher on your back and bring it across your nipples. Again make sure it is not too tight. This is the common mistake made by most women. Take this measurement.
  5. Now to calculate your cup size you need to compare the two measurements. If there is less than one inch difference you’re an AA, less than one inch an A, just less than two inches a B cup, three inches a C, four inches a D and so on. If your measurements for your bust size are 36 and your cup size is a 41, then you are a 36 DD.

The key factors to remember when measuring the bust size properly are, don’t hold the tape measure too tight and take measurements without a bra on. Also see our bust size chart.

The Wrong Ways To Be Measuring Bust Size

Wrong way to measure bust size.
Wrong way to measure bust size.

One of the main problems with measuring bust size is that most women don’t even realize that could be doing it wrong. As you can see from the picture, the letters A B and C will help identify the issues you may be having.

A – As you can see, the measuring tape is on an angle and is not very horizontal around the body. This can affect the measurement and leave you with an uncomfortable fit.

B – Arms are NOT straight down the sides. When you pull the arms back it tends to boost out the chest thus altering an accurate measurement.

C – The main problem here is taking the measurements with the bra on. If you have wrong fitting bra to start with this can change the size of your measurements. The breast have to be natural in order to figure out an accurate cup size.

How Can You Tell If You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Bra?

There are a few factors that indicate a wrong size bra.

Unattractive cleavage spillage – Often caused by a small or over tight bra.

The bra starts riding up allot. The bra is too small or too tight.

Painful strap marks on the shoulders or under the breast.